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About Badur Jaffer

          BADUR JAFFER was born in Kampala, Uganda. His artistic ability was apparent by age 5, discovered by his teacher at the Aga Khan School in Kampala. At age 12 he was sent to a Boarding School in England, followed by University, to further his education. After completing University, he returned to Uganda and became well known for his African Wildlife and Culture Art. 

          He received wide acclaim and television exposure after completing a Wall Mural, commissioned by a major hotel in Kampala. He was subsequently asked to do a Mural for an outer wall of one of the Makerere University Buildings in Kampala. Sadly, most of his completed Art Works were lost during the political upheaval in Uganda, and the Asian expulsion by Idi Amin in 1972.
          Following his formal education in England, he studied Art and Graphics at Epsom College of Art, and produced many Paintings that were sold there, as well as those held in private collections. Now a Canadian citizen, he and his wife Gillian moved to Canada in 1974 where he continues his Art. He is an Active Member of the ‘Federation of Canadian Artists’.
Badur has travelled extensively throughout the world, broadening his knowledge and absorbing the best elements of the cultures of both East and West.
         His work has included an Ink sketch for a Fashion Magazine, record-sleeve designs, television graphics, as well as illustrating children’s books and alphabets. 

          Since settling in Vancouver, he has had several Art Shows in Vancouver and Seattle, where he sold both Originals and Prints. 

          He accepts artwork assignments from clients of their favourite subjects or photographs. Badur’s Art tends primarily, though not exclusively, towards the beauty of the nature and wildlife of Africa. He has developed a refreshing, unique, and unusual style by creating amazing Impressionist Art, blending contemporary and true life, vividly accentuating the kaleidoscope of colour and beauty that is Art.  He was acknowledged by a well-known and established Art Company in Connecticut as a “Real Winner”.  Recently, he was approached by a Fashion Designer Company in Montreal, Canada (‘Le Galeriste’), for permission to use some of his Art for their  designs (T-Shirts, Dresses. Cushions, Scarves, Purses), finding his Art most suitable and desirable for ‘Wearable Art. To view, please visit